My name is Alan Belisle (pronounced Bel-Isle). As you may already suspect, this is my personal Web site. I was born and raised in Québec, Canada where it was customary – at least for French Canadian kids of my generation – to be baptized with several first names. Surprisingly, J.A.Z.A.B. are my full initials.

I am a geek at heart who offered a golden opportunity to explore greater challenges in Information Technology left Canada in 1999 to pursue my career in the United States.

I originally launched JAZAB.COM to host my personal blog in an effort to stay in touch with friends and families back home. Like many professionals in the U.S., I started working very long days. Maintaining my blog soon became a real chore and my daily blogging soon became infrequent events. This gradually led to a significant decrease in readership which ultimately led to the closure of JAZAB.COM.

Officially, JAZAB.COM is closed. I have nonetheless kept the site active on the Web mainly for the mail server. In addition, I have often leveraged its storage capacity to exchange files with friends, colleagues and clients.

Last updated: November 21, 2010